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Haut Pick Sauternes 2010
By Ch. Bastor-Lamontagne
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Break Out of the Bordeaux Box and Expand your Palate with this 100% Semillon Sauternes! You'll love this extraordinarily versatile Sweet White Wine when you pair it with Scallops, Salmon, and spicy ethnic fare. Of Course, the classic pairing of Foie Gras, Roquefort cheese, and, or dessert, is sure to please!
"...a very expressive nose of pears in syrup, peaches and apricots together with smoky notes. A silky, round attack on the palate leading to a smooth mid-palate that has hints of crème brûlée with a touch of refreshing acidity. Lovely overall harmony." -Monsieur Touton Selection

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UNIT SIZE 750.00 ml
VARIETAL: Sauterne
GRAPE: Semillon
REGION: Bordeaux
Chateau du Haut Pick Sauternes 2010
By Chateau Bastor-Lamontagne
By Chateau Haut Pick
Sauternes 2010
Technical Details
Appellation: Sauternes in the village of Preignac
Vineyard: 9 hectares (22 Acres)
Varietal: 100% Semillon
Average Yield: 16hl/ha (1 ton/acre)  
Vine Age: Average age of the vines is 40 years old
Soil: Siliceous-gravel on a limestone base
Size: 750.00 ml
Alcohol: 13.50%
Cellaring Potential: 3-5 years
Food Pairing: Blue cheese, Chicken, Sea Food: shrimps, lobster, scallops, Spicy food (Asian or South American)
Tasting Note
A silky, round wine, well balanced, with a hint of “Salinity” which makes this wine the perfect pairing of seafood such as lobster or scallops…
Wine Making
After the berries had been pressed in a pneumatic press and a light settling of the juices were done, musts are then fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at 22 to 23°C. 
The ageing is mainly carried out in vat. Only a part of the crop (20%) is aged in oak barrels. After an ageing period of 12 months, the bottling was done in March 2012.
Located at Preignac and planted on a magnificent terrace, the vineyard of Château du Haut-Pick, belongs to chateau Bastor-Lamontagne and covers an area of 9 hectares (22 acres) of old Semillon vines. The soils are gravelly with some shallow clay, enabling the vines to find the coolness they need during hot, dry summer periods. Crop loads are especially low (4 to 5 bunches per vine) to allow noble rot to set in perfectly and quickly. 
Done by hand, was long and painstaking and was carried out in step with the development of noble rot on the grapes. In Sauternes, the harvesting is always pain staking; the 2010 harvest took place from 5th to 21st October. 
2010 Vintage
After a dry, hot July, the month of August had average temperatures for the season, no rain at all, and cool nights. As from the end of August, high day-time temperatures favoured a slow, gradual ripening of the grapes. Patience was then required as we waited for the onset of noble rot, which was initiated by rain showers at the beginning of September and which then extended over the whole of the vineyard. The opulence of the vintage was balanced by the lovely acidity in the grapes, which the cool nights enabled the grapes to preserve. 2010 is an elegant vintage with superb aromatic expression. 
Is a French sweet wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux. Sauternes is made from Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle grapes that have been affected by Botrytis cinerea, also known as noble rot. This causes the grapes to become partially raisined, resulting in concentrated and distinctively flavored wines. Due to its climate, Sauternes is one of the few wine regions where infection with noble rot is a frequent occurrence. Even so, production is a hit-or-miss proposition, with widely varying harvests from vintage to vintage. Wines from Sauternes, especially the Premier Cru Supérieur estate Château d'Yquem, can be very expensive, due largely to the very high cost of production. Barsac lies within Sauternes, and is entitled to use either name
Wine Tasting
A lovely, brilliant golden color in this 2010 vintage with a very expressive nose of pears in syrup, peaches and apricots together with smoky notes. A silky, round attack on the palate leading to a smooth mid-palate that has hints of crème brûlée with a touch of refreshing acidity. Lovely overall harmony. 
Chateau du Haut-Pick is part of Chateau Bastor-Lamontagne and its history goes back to the XVIII century when the estate belongs to the King of France. In 1711 it became the property of Vincent de La Montaigne, a counselor at the Bordeaux parliament, who gave his name to the domain. The real wine-producing era for this growth began under the ownership of the Larrieu Family in the 19th century and most particularly thanks to Amédée Larrieu who was at that time, the owner of chateau Haut-Brion in Pessac.
[Info by Monsieur Touton Selection]
Sauternes, A Wine Like No Other
The Sauternes region enjoys a climate which is particularly conductive to the development of a microscopic fungus; Botrytis Cynerea, commonly known as "Noble Rot." Located 40 km south of Bordeaux, in Preignac, on one of the terraces of the Garonne, the vines of Chateau Bastor-Lamontange cover a surface area of 56 hectares (138 acres) on magnificent siliceous and gravel soils and are wholly dedicated to the production of sweet white wine. The tiny Sauternes area owes much to the Ciron River, whose cold waters flow into the Garonne and contribute to the formation of the precious autumn mists.


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